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Fine Art Greeting Card – Flamborough Head Lighthouse, Yorkshire

Fine art greeting cards by David Ross

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What you get:
  • 10 fine art greeting cards, 5 x 7 inches (127 x 178mm)
  • Printed on 350gsm card stock
  • Includes 10 plain white envelopes
  • Plain interior - write your own, personal message
  • No quibble, 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Cards are suitable for framing


Here's a great way to use our fine art cards - some people have come up with a clever solution to enjoy fine art images without the cost of purchasing a limited edition print. Simply purchase one (or more) sets of fine art greeting cards, and get a ready-made frame with a 5 x 7 opening in the matt board. Pop the card into the opening, and 'Presto!' instant art to hang on your wall! Its easy to find inexpensive frames and the 5 x 7 opening is one of the most popular sizes of pre-cut matt board. So there's no excuse not to enjoy one of my photos in your home or office!
Perfect if you'd prefer not to spend the money to purchase a limited edition print, but still want to enjoy my photos.


About this photograph
I have very mixed feelings about taking this photograph. Not that there’s anything wrong with the photo; I love it! The morning clouds seem the perfect background for the striking white tower of the lighthouse. No, my mixed feelings have to do with what happened immediately before I took this photo. If you look carefully you can see a pretty orange butterfly amid the grass in the foreground. I thought it would be great to get that butterfly in the photo. So I leaned foreward to position my camera as close as I could to the butterfly. Now, I should know better, after years of struggling with a chronically sore back, but leaning forward from a crouch was not, shall we say, the best idea I ever had (the best idea I ever had was marrying my wonderful wife, but that’s a different story entirely). Suffice it to say that my back reminded me in the sharpest way posssible that I needed to pay better attention to my posture. So I straightened up and settled for a much more relaxed view of the scene. I hope you enjoy it!
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Image is © David Ross