UK fine art landscape prints by David Ross

Ordering Prints

How do I order a print?

Each print has an order button and a choice of sizes. Simply select the size you want and click the Order button. This will add a print to your shopping cart. You can then shop for more prints, or click the Checkout button. You’ll be taken to a secure order page where you can enter in your name, address, and order details. Simply fill in the form, and a Debit or Credit card number. The total price will be shown, including any VAT or shipping charges. VAT is charged on UK and EU orders only. The amount of shipping will vary by your location. Once you are done, your payment will be processed by our payment partner, Stripe. Presuming all goes well, you will receive an automatic confirmation email, and we’ll send you a separate confirmation email as well.

If you’d prefer to send a check or bank transfer, no problem, just contact us to arrange payment.

How long before my print arrives?

Well, that depends. Bear with me while I explain. Here’s what happens when you order a print …

  1. We send the digital image file to our selected printer. These guys are real pros, and they know what they’re doing! Normal turnaround time is 2-3 days, but let’s be really cautious and say that it might take 1 week before they send you the finished print.


In order to create the images I sell on this website I have to actually get out of my armchair and travel around the countryside. If I’m away photographing in the Outer Hebrides for example, I can’t be at home checking for new orders. In that case, your order will be delayed until I return – or at least until I can get a good Internet connection in whatever far-flung part of the UK I’m exploring! Remember, these are not cheap inkjet prints, and I hope you’ll find they’re worth the wait! If there is likely to be a delay sending you your print we will contact you by email to let you know.

Can I return a print?

Of course. If you are not happy with a print for any reason we will take it back and offer a full refund, no questions asked. Just return it to us in good shape – remember to package the print safely to prevent damage. Government regulations require us to give you 7 days from receipt of goods to decide if you want to return them, but that seems rather a short time frame to us, so we give you 30 days from when you receive your order. If at any point up to 30 days you decide that you want to return the print, simply post the print to us IN GOOD CONDITION and contact us to let us know so we can authorise a refund of your original purchase price.

What does ‘archival’ mean?

It means that the very highest quality acid-free paper and longest-lasting inks are used to prepare your print. We generally use acid-free fine art paper by Hahnemuhle, including their glossy fine art Baryta, German Etching paper, or PhotoRag, probably the most popular giclee photo paper in the world. When used with the best archival inks these particular papers have been tested to have a lifetime of up to 200 years under ideal conditions (i.e. in a darkened room). Realistically, you won’t want to keep your print in a darkened room; you’ll want it in plain sight so you can enjoy it! Under real-world conditions you can expect a print to last 80-100 years. There are some simple steps you can take to ensure that your print lasts a long time

1. Don’t put the print in direct sunlight. There’s nothing worse than sunlight for fading even the best paper and inks.

2. Frame the print and put it behind glass. Yes, glass can sometimes cause unwelcome reflections, but modern art glass is getting better and better at protecting the print without causing undue reflections that would ruin the experience of viewing the artwork. Just be sensible in placing the framed art and you can minimise glare from nearby light sources.

Will my print look just like it does on my computer?

Probably not. There are long-winded technical explanations for this, but basically, it boils down to limits of technology. Most computer monitors are ‘uncalibrated’, meaning that they display colours differently, and with great variation from one monitor to the next. So what you see on your monitor is different from what your neighbour sees on his monitor. In addition, most monitors are very bright, much brighter than photographic paper, because it is easier to do ordinary activities like browsing, word processing, and so on, with a bright, backlit screen.

In practice, this means that the finished print probably won’t look EXACTLY like it does on your monitor. Hopefully it will look like what I see on my very expensive, colour calibrated monitor, but even then there can be small variations between my monitor and the finished print. Don’t worry, you won’t see green skies, or orange grass, nothing so absurd as that, but you may notice a small colour or contrast difference between what you see on your monitor and what you see in the finished print. This is especially true with canvas prints. Canvas can be a great medium for displaying prints, but because of the absorbent nature of the material it isn’t able to precisely match colours. It will still look great, just don’t count on it to capture every colour nuance of the original image.

If you have ANY questions about prints, or about ordering, please contact us! We’re really friendly and will do all we can to make ordering an exceptional print really easy.