UK fine art landscape prints by David Ross

Isle of Arran, Scotland

Archival Fine Art Landscape Prints

Arran is one of more popular of the Scottish islands. Part of that popularity of course, is due to ease of access from the major transportation network of Lowland Scotland. But surely as much is down to the wonderful variety of scenery and landscape. Much of the east coast is gentle, almost tropical in places, while the west coast is more rugged, with more of a traditional Hebridean feel. Hopefully my images will help bring home some of the wonderful scenic beauty.



I stayed on Arran for a wonderful week in April, at Imachar, a small community on the north west coast, south of Catacol. The thing I recall most about my cottage was that it looked out towards Jura. I couldn’t actually see the sea from my window, but it was only a 30 second drive down the hill to the shore, and I was able to photograph the coastal scenery at dawn and dusk on several occasions. The entire west coast of the island was delight; quite different to the east coast, which had a rather Victorian resort feel to it, whereas the west coast seems quite Hebridean in character; more rugged and at times more bleak.

But my favourite places on Arran are on the west coast, in particular the area around Machrie Moor, with its multitude of ancient monuments. Close to Machrie is King’s Cave, a large series of caverns. I recall walking along the shore towards the cave, thinking about camera angles, when a marvellous, ethereal voice echoed out in song. A visitor was singing, quite beautifully I might add, and the natural chamber of the cave amplified her voice and sent it ringing out over the shore like the song of a siren in a Celtic myth. Down at the very tip of the island, near Kilchattan, a wonderful series of reefs stretches out into the sea, and forms marvellous rock formations close to the shore. I went to Kilchattan several times, hoping to catch a sight of the resident seal population (I never did see them) but I found the reefs presented a wonderful opportunity for striking photographs at suset.

One more place deserves special mention; Glen Rosa. I think every tourist who visits Arran will at some point see a photo of Glen Rosa in a guidebok or tourism brochure. The walk along the floor of the glen, with the bulk of Goatfell rising above you, is an experience not to be missed.