UK fine art landscape prints by David Ross

Isle of Mull and Iona Landscape Prints

Fine art prints of Scotland

Mull is one of the largest Scottish islands, and one of the most beautiful. I’ve only visited once, and I can’t wait to go back. We stayed for a week at Fionnphort, on the western tip of the Ross of Mull, so most of the photos in this gallery are from the south coast of Mull, including the Ross, and the Isle of Iona.



Mull doesn’t get half the attention it deserves. When you think of Scottish islands, how many people think of Skye first, then stop thinking? Hands up. Just as I thought. I love Skye, but really, thee are so many fabulous Scottish islands to explore, ad Mull is one of the most beautiful. Its also one of the largest, and I found that travel around Mull was extremely slow, due to the fact that there is only a very short section of proper dual lane road on the island. Everything else is the ubiquitous ‘single lane with passing places’ that dominates the Highlands and Islands. That means that in practice traveling around Mull can be a slow process. Of course you could just slow down and enjoy a more leisurely lifestyle; and that’s the charm of the Scottish islands.

There are several natural features of Mull that I would love to photograph again (and again, and again …). Probably the foremost of these is the Carsaig arches. These natural sea arches are quite difficult to get to, which is why we only managed one trek (‘we’ being my 12-year-old son, Garett, and I, as my wife wisely opted out and spent a quiet afternoon in our rented cottage with our young daughter). I would love to photograph the arches in different light, though I haven’t yet figured out how I would safely get to and from the arches at dawn or sunset, given the 4 mile scramble along the shore! Another place I’d love to revisit is much easier to get to – Aros Park, on the outskirts of Tobermory. I loved the waterfalls at Aros, and they were quite easy to access. Then there’s Eas For, a marvellous waterfall, and the view from Pennyghael acros to Ben Mor, and the Isle of Iona. I could go on, but you get the idea; theres a lot to see and enjoy!