UK fine art landscape prints by David Ross

Torridon, Wester Ross, Scotland

Fine art landscape prints

The area around Loch Torridon and Beinn Eighe nature reserve is an absolute delight for a landscape photographer. The stunning scenery is a mix of lochs and narrow glens, mountain trails and waterfalls. Torridon is one of my favourite places in Britain, and hopefully these photos can communicate some of the amazing natural beauty of the area.


There’s no definitive definition of Torridon as a region but for my purposes I think of it as the area loosely bounded by Loch Torridon to the west and south, and by Loch Maree to the north and east. Running through the region at an angle is Glen Torridon, from the southern tip of Loch Maree at Kinlochewe to the hamlet of Torridon itself, on the north eastern end of Loch Torridon, where a small visitor centre sits in the lee of Liathach. Loosely within the bounds of this area is the Beinne Eighe National Nature Reserve, the very first nature reserve in Britain, with trails leading up from the shore of Loch Maree into the mountains, and further trails from the floor of Glen Torridon. From the centre of the glen further trails lead south through the Coulin Estate towards Glen Carron. This is walkers country, and intrepid hikers, clad in weatherproof gear, can be seen in any weather, at any time of year. one of the most popular walks in the area leads from a small parking area just above Torridon House, and follows the course of Coire Mhic Nobhuil in a wide curve behind Beinn Alligin and Liathach to end up in the middle of Glen Torridon.

There is so much to photograph in the Torridon area that as a photographer I feel almost spoiled for choice. The one tempering factor of course, is the weather. Unpredictable, changeable at a moment’s notice, the weather in this area of the Scottish Highlands can be a challenge – but it can also provide the most wonderful opportunities for photography, with a fabulous interplay of light and shadow on the lochs and hills.

I have so many favourite places to photograph in Torridon that it would be impossible to list them all. There’s the Glen itself, and the view from the area around Sgurr Dubh towards Liathach. If you’re energetic enough to hike up into the Beinn Eighe nature reserve the views can be staggering. But if you want to talk about views, I think the view from the Applecross road northwest of Shieldaig, looking across Loch Torridon towards Beinn Alligin, is one of the most incredible vistas in Britain. I met a chap on the road who told me he’d been coming back for 40 years, drawn by that view, and I knew just what he meant.